E3 Programme – Education for Economic Empowerment (E3)


Congratulations to our Pioneer Batch for completing the very first E3 Digital Training – MTC 1 Express Path Course! We are deeply encouraged by your enthusiasm and commitment throughout your learning journey.

Now onto MTC 2-Professional Course, starting mid-August 2021. Stay tuned!

what some of our refugee students say

Develop Professional Skills / Enhance Capabilities / Build Resilience & Independence / Provide Internship Opportunities

Many in the asylum seeker and refugee (ASR) community come with some expertise, job experience and seek to be productive in order to provide for their family. However, there may be certain gaps in their technical skills because they have little or no access to higher education or vocational training. This limits the opportunities available to them. With the fast changing technological advancements and digital revolution taking place worldwide, ASRs are likely to be left further behind.

We are posed with a question – how can we bridge the gap on education and engage ASRs meaningfully in this digital world?

JRS Singapore has embarked on an exciting journey to kick-start the Education for Economic Empowerment (E3) Programme in Bangkok this July 2021.

E3 aims to equip ASRs with industry level skills and competencies leading to internship and/or other opportunities. JRS Singapore has partnered with like-minded expert academic partners to deliver courses that comprise Digital Marketing, Graphic Arts Training, Content Creation, Certified IT Skills and more. Upon completion of the courses E3 Programme offers, ASRs will earn certifications and be empowered with professional Digital and IT Skills.

JRS Singapore recognizes the importance of partnering with academic institutions, businesses, social enterprises, volunteer organizations and individuals who share our vision. If you are able to provide technical or digital training or are open to offering an internship to individuals in the ASR community, do contact us at sgp.e3project@jrs.net or contact@jrssg.org and our team will be glad to take the conversation forward with you!

Our Academic Partners:

JRS Singapore would like to share our appreciation & gratitude for the generous donation
from Diana Koh Foundation through The Community Foundation of Singapore.
Your gift will help bring hope and empower ASR individuals in their journey.