JRS Singapore was formed in the early 1980’s to address the urgent Vietnamese Refugee and East Timor crises.

The country’s first coordinator for Jesuit Refugee Service Singapore was Fr Desmond Reid. He will be remembered best for coordinating humanitarian relief at the height of the exodus of the Vietnamese boat people after the war.

Fr Reid would not only appeal for donations in kind for the Hawkins Road Camp but would mingle with the refugees to teach them English.

JRS Singapore reports directly to the JRS Asia Pacific Regional Director, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Jesuit Refugee Service (Singapore) Ltd was formed in early 2017 and we are a member of Caritas Singapore.

Today, we are a group of about 50 active volunteers from different churches and backgrounds. We come together monthly for faith formation and discussion on our projects, fundraising activities and social mission trips. 

Our focus for 2019 is to ramp-up our support for our various refugee projects to address the humanitarian crises in South East Asia.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees and forcibly displaced persons.

Raising Awareness

Our Outreach Programs are brought to churches, schools and organizations to raise awareness of the plight of refugees, displaced persons and victims of human trafficking. We also engage with other like-minded organizations in Singapore to share our stories.

Anti-Human Trafficking

We accompany victims of human trafficking by organizing vocational outings to different industries to showcase the various job opportunities they may have when returning to home countries.

Mission Trips

Our volunteers go on assigned mission trips as part of accompaniment for the refugees and also do teacher-training for classroom management, lesson planning, anti-human trafficking courses. Volunteers also conduct field research and project assessments.


We do fundraising through various activities to support local and overseas projects. Most donations are in aid of refugees, displaced persons and victims of human trafficking in South East Asia.

“It is our duty not only to ensure refugees receive protection from war and oppression in their country of origin, but also to protect them from trafficking and other risks in their new communities. Education plays a key role in this protection.”
~ JRS International

Annual Report

For access to JRS International Annual Report 2017, please click here
For access to JRS International Annual Report 2018, please click here

Corporate Information

Jesuit Refugee Service (Singapore) Ltd
A registered company limited by guarantee.
Registration No: 201713923E

Spiritual Director
Fr. Charles Sim S.J.


Country Representatives
Elaine Wong, Country Rep
Tricia Kat, Dep. Country Rep
Agnes Peng, Dep. Country Rep

Board Members
Louie Bacomo
George Lim
Adrian Teo
Wilfred Leong
Gordon Pinto
David Lau
Caroline Seow