Migrant Outreach Programme

JRS focus has been on asylum seekers and refugees in the region, but we wanted to broaden our scope of work to include migrant workers within our own society. We started our outreach programme with Homestay Lodge, a dormitory which currently houses about 3900 migrant workers. Our target is to develop English language and skills-based training classes and workshops as well as organize social events and outings. By serving those in our own country, JRS volunteers will have a deeper understanding of issues facing our migrant community

Sisters and Brothers, all

“Brothers, thank you for coming!” That was how Nervin Pillai, Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) Senior Specialist, welcomed his cohort of 15 MWC Ambassadors to prep them for the first IT Literacy workshop run by our JRS Migrant Outreach team.
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Reflections of our Learning Journey

After completing a series of workshops like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Pic Collage at Cochrane Recreation Centre (CRC), we chat with four of our JRS volunteers who have offered their time and talents to ensure that our migrant brothers had some hands-on experience using computer programmes and photo apps.
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Companions on a (learning) journey

“I recall the ‘Parable of the Talents’ in the Bible passage (Matthew 25:14-30), so I try to invest the little talent I have, to share the glory of the kingdom of God with these workers,” said Vincent Chia, a volunteer from Church of Divine Mercy Photography Ministry.
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Teens pitch in for migrants

JRS volunteers were invited back to celebrate Deepavali and International Migrants Day with games and activities for migrant workers at the Cochrane Recreation Centre. JOURNEYING turns the spotlight on youths who spent their afternoons with our outreach team and those who laboured behind the scenes to raise funds and assemble prizes and care packs for these events.
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A day out on a Duck​

Thanks to our generous supporters, 27 migrant brothers had their first 'splashdown' experience. Our JRS volunteer Joseph Soh reminisces about the recent Duck Tours outing organized by our migrant outreach team.
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Cheering on our migrant workers

JRS’s migrant worker volunteer group held its first outreach event at the Cochrane Recreation Centre on 25 September 2021, bringing cheer to over 100 migrant workers, many of whom have been confined to their workplaces and dormitories for almost two years since the pandemic.
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A big THANK YOU to The Social Kitchen
for their generous donation!

In conjunction with World Environment Day on 5 June, the Social Kitchen donated 3510 burgers to our migrant worker friends at Homestay Lodge.

"Donate a handphone" Project

UPDATE: 53 working phones were handed over to the migrant workers through their dorm operators.

We would like to thank the Church of St Ignatius, Church of Divine Mercy and Agape Village for allowing us to use their premises as collection points. Their enthusiastic publicity also allowed us to reach out to the parishioners and donors.

This has been a joint collaboration with Hagar Singapore.