Blessings in my life

As a refugee from Sri Lanka, the past 12 years in Thailand have been tough. Lini, a graduate of our JRS digital education programme and a current intern, has faced her share of struggles. But she believes that all of her experiences have a significant lesson for her.

I consider the education opportunities which I have received as one of the blessings in my life. My grandfather used to say that education and a good character is what makes a person. With this etched in my heart, I’ve been committed to apply his teaching and to learn wholeheartedly.

Although I never attended any school or had any formal education in Thailand, I learnt the basics from some people in my community as a child. I completed my GED (General Educational Development) diploma at Cedar Learning Center (a learning centre for refugees and asylum seekers) and now I have completed the digital marketing and design course with JRS.

It was in 2023 when I learned about JRS’s online digital education course through a community member. This three-month course was invaluable to me, opening my eyes to different career opportunities and equipping me with essential knowledge and skills. The insightful lessons from the teachers, combined with contributions from my peers of diverse backgrounds, enriched my learning experience significantly. Witnessing the genuine dedication of our teachers to help us improve had a great impact on me. Through the lessons I have learnt, I am able to view my surroundings differently and apply these skills in my day-to-day activities.

Designs by Lini.

This year, I was engaged as an administrative assistant intern with JRS in Bangkok. Growing up, I developed social anxiety and always had trouble communicating with people. I am now trying my best to move out of my comfort zone. Working with the team members and the students, assisting with the interviews, student assessments, and other tasks have really helped with my personal and professional growth. And thanks to the kind and supportive team members, my communication and coordination skills have improved.

After having lived with so many restrictions for such a long time, I yearn for the freedom to explore the many opportunities that life has to offer. I wish to build a life where I can pursue my passions and ambitions without any limitations. I want to be able to lend a hand to empower others. I hope to lead a purposeful life and make a positive impact on those around me — because I know what it means to be on the receiving end of such opportunities. To those people in my life who have given me the chance to learn and improve myself — a big thank you!