Mission in Action

JRS Singapore participates in CHARIS’s 2023 Humanitarian Forum and Fair.

“I wanted to learn how to walk, but today I feel like I am running! So many things now feel possible for me,” Liaqat beamed excitedly when he shared his experience as an intern for CHARIS.

“It is an amazing opportunity – and my whole family rejoiced when I first received the news of this internship. With the CHARIS team, there is a feeling that we are all working together. I am happy to have been given the opportunity because every internship is a chance to learn and improve,” quipped an equally elated Mukhzan.

Both Liaqat and Mukhzan who are in their 20s, are graduates from the third and fourth cohorts of the LEAP@JRS digital marketing course. They were engaged by Caritas Humanitarian Aid and Relief Initiative Singapore (CHARIS), the umbrella body for overseas humanitarian aid by the Archdiocese of Singapore, for six months under the LEAP@JRS internship programme. Together with their mentors at CHARIS, Liaqat and Mukhzan were tasked to produce the communications and publicity material for this year’s Humanitarian Forum and Fair (HFF), which ranged from designing the event logo to brochures and video clips. The HFF, a biennial event of dialogue and engagement in humanitarian initiatives in Asia, was held on 24 June 2023 at the Catholic Junior College.

“As interns at CHARIS, both Liaqat and Mukhzan exhibited dedication, professionalism and creativity, playing an important role in assisting with communications and publicity for HFF 2023. Of particular note was Liaqat’s outstanding work on the event logo. Participants expressed immense admiration for the logo, highlighting its appeal and ability to capture the essence of the event. Mukhzan was instrumental in creating a compelling “Save the Date” video, as well as promotional Instagram reels that generated considerable interest and encouraged sign-ups.”

Caroline Leong, member of the Organizing Committee,
Humanitarian Forum and Fair 2023

“As a member organisation of CHARIS, we are very delighted to be involved in the sharing of insights and experience on humanitarian topics at the biennial HFF. This year’s HFF is especially meaningful to JRS; beyond sharing our work through the presentations, dialogue sessions and exhibition, we were also able to showcase tangible outcomes of our LEAP@JRS skills-based training programme through the work of our refugee interns.

“We would like to thank the CHARIS team for providing fertile ground where faith and good works come to life. We look forward to more opportunities to advance the Church’s social mission together,” said Gordon, Executive Director of JRS Singapore.

Friendly faces at the JRS booth.
Friendly faces at the JRS booth.
JRS Chair, Caroline sharing about LEAP@JRS during the breakout sessions.

As an extension of the training programmes under the LEAP@JRS initiative, JRS works various partners to create internship opportunities for refugees. With effective guidance and regular virtual communication with their mentors, the interns gain confidence, sharpen their skills, and get a taste of real ‘work’ experience. With an internship allowance, their emotional and mental well-being improves as they are better able to manage their daily living expenses. To build resilience and ensure continuity, JRS also engages and trains some promising graduates from the digital education course to become future trainers and mentors within their own refugee communities.

Video clip created by Liaqat about his internship experience.